Freddie’s Nightmare in Baltimore

235-murders in baltimore city

Dec 30 2013


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The below Video is older,But the same thing took place in downtown Baltimore on may 24th,police will not release the video.and guess what community leaders ,the kids are black in this case also

this took place in German town Maryland 

  Mobs, Riot Cops, and Chaos 

The author shows how five psychological influences–impersonality, anonymity, suggestion/imitation, emotional contagion, and discharge of repressed emotions–affect rioters, their targets, witnesses, and police officers who try to break things up. Fortunately these influences don’t impact everyone. Unfortunately the minority who are affected can cause serious confusion, destruction and injury for everyone else. Because riots can be hard to predict and even harder to stop, it is prudent to pay careful attention to what is going on around us whenever we are part of a crowd. Even if we do sense the mood change, catch a glimpse of the opening acts, and anticipate what’s coming, however, it can be very hard to force our way through the press of bodies and escape to safety.

This book truly helps readers identify danger signals and respond in a meaningful way. While law enforcement and security personnel will benefit from the information and insights, Riot is a terrific resource for everyday citizens as well.

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